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Movies My Friends Have Never Seen

The podcast where my friends watch classic movies for the first time. Hosted by Nick Nadel. Logo by Tim Finn. 

Feb 25, 2015

Yippie-kay-yay, motherfather! Cartoonist Abby Denson is on the podcast this week to watch the '80s action classic Die Hard for the first time.

How will Abby react to watching Die Hard for the first time in 2015? Will she appreciate the velvety tones of Alan Rickman? Will she wonder why John McClane can't find a pair...

Feb 13, 2015

Comedian and graphic designer Gilad Foss joins me this week to watch the John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club for the first time.

How did Gilad manage to avoid this Brat Pack staple? Will he relate to the gang or find them highly annoying examples of the downside of our current nostalgia craze? Listen and find out! 

Feb 5, 2015

G'day, mate! This week blogger/writer/artist Tenebrous Kate is on the podcast to watch 1986's second most top-grossing film Crocodile Dundee for the first time.

We marvel at the film's Terence Malick meets Beverly Hills Cop quality and wonder what kids would make of good ol' Mick Dundee today. Plus, we keep a tally of...