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Movies My Friends Have Never Seen

The podcast where my friends watch classic movies for the first time. Hosted by Nick Nadel. Logo by Tim Finn. 

May 27, 2015

To kick off the summer movie season, blogger and comic book artist Tenebrous Kate is back to watch 2008's Iron Man for the first time.

Kate and I talk about what it's like to start down the twisty road that is the Marvel movie franchise in 2015 and delve into why she's skipped the major comic book movies from the past...

May 1, 2015

This week we have our first group podcast as returning guests Danielle Buntley and Matt Buntley, and new guest Jenny Kao, all watch the 1992 Sharon Stone/Michael Douglas thriller Basic Instinct for the first time.

How will the group react to this once controversial thriller after decades of crossed leg jokes? Will it...